We Offer a Variety of Preparation Options to Meet Your needs:

You can schedule to meet with us in our offices. As long as you are prepared and have all your necessary documentation, the return will be fully completed during your appointment, so there would be no need to return again at a later date to pick up your returns and sign documents.

If your return is fairly straightforward and “simple”, you can opt to forego the scheduled appointment and use this streamlined process. You would send us your documents and completed worksheets by either uploading through a secure portal (we will provide you with a link), e-mailing PDF’s, faxing, or mailing photocopies to the mailing address. The return will be prepared and any questions would be dealt with via e-mail or phone calls. The average turnaround time for a mail-in preparation is 2 weeks.

If you prefer to be able to meet and interact live but cannot come in person, we can schedule a Remote or virtual appointment via Zoom, FaceTime or phone call, whichever is your preference. In this process, you would need to send your documents and worksheets (in the same manner described above in the Mail-In section) at least 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment. The actual appointment time will focus on answering any questions and filling in any holes, as opposed to the actual data entry. The signatures, delivery of returns, and payment for services will all be completed via e-mails. Because remote appointments do require additional administrative work on our end, there is a $25 remote fee that is added to the preparation fees for all remote appointments.