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222431 Antonio Parkway, Suite B160-482
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

The office is located in Trabuco Canyon, CA.
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(877) 794-9998

Personal and reliable full-service tax preparation for the general public, but specializing in occupations in public safety & service, health care, and education industries.
Services include:
  • Annual income tax filings
  • Small business and rental property filings
  • Corporate and partnership returns
  • Non-profit organizations
  • IRS audits
  • Audit appeals
  • Responses to IRS notices
  • Late filings
  • Amended returns

Our goal is to ensure each client gets the maximum legal deduction possible.  Every client receives personal, friendly and reliable services.  The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral by our clients to their friends and family members.

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The worksheets have been revised and are in FILLABLE-PDF FORMAT! There is a GENERAL INFORMATION WORKSHEET that is for use by ALL taxpayers, as well as specialized deductions worksheets for various occupations. These deductions are still available on many state returns.

Check them out on the WORKSHEETS link on the left. 



Call (949) 364-2121 or e-mail eleanor@code-4tax.com to schedule.

Appointments will be available Monday-Saturday. 

Appointments can be in-person or remotely (via phone, Zoom or FaceTime).

 In person appointments will be given preference for AM spots and all day Saturday.

Remote appointments will generally be scheduled weekday afternoons and evenings.

Mail-in processing is also still available.


How does a remote appointment work?

For a remote appointment, you'd keep your scheduled day/time, but you would send me your documents at least one day ahead of the appointment (preferably 2-3 days prior) so that the data can be entered prior to the meeting. Then the meeting time is used for answering questions, etc.

After the meeting and the return is deemed finalized, we will either e-mail or mail you your returns, e-file forms and invoice to you, depending upon your technological-comfort level.

How does mail-in processing work?

If you send your documents via mail/e-mail/fax, I will process the return based on the paperwork you send, and if there are any questions, I will e-mail or call you to get the answers. The benefit to a mail-in is you may get faster processing than if you set an appointment a few weeks/months out.

How do you want the documents sent to you?

If by MAIL - PHOTOCOPIES, not originals!

If by scan/e-mail: PDF format, NOT PHOTOS! Please group the documents into one file before sending (instead of sending each document separately).

I recommend using an app like the Genius app, which will allow you to take a picture with your phone and the app will convert it to a PDF format.

My fax number is (877) 794-9998.

What documents do you need sent to you?

Please include all W-2's, 1099's, 1098's and other tax documents. And PLEASE COMPLETE THE WORKSHEETS!! (see tab on the left). All clients should do the GENERAL TAX INFORMATION WORKSHEET. And then use the other worksheets that are applicable to your return. If you were required to work from home, please complete the HOME OFFICE WORKSHEET.

Please do not send individual receipts -- tally all receipts into categories and enter them on the worksheet or summarize them on your own document.

Information on Tax Changes 

for the 2022 Tax Year: will be updated by 12/1

For the most part, the tax laws are similar to last year. Here is a summary of important information.


  • If you refinanced your mortgage, please keep in mind that you will have multiple 1098 forms to collect, one for each lender that serviced your loan. Even if it's refinanced through the same lender, there will be a 1098 form for each account number.
  • Mortgage interest on loans  can only be deducted if the funds were used to purchase, build or improve upon the home with which the loan is attached to. This is especially relevant to those who use home equity loans for other things like cars, college, purchasing other homes.

  • MEDICAL EXPENSES: The floor (amount you must exceed) for medical expenses has been reduced back to 7.5% of your adjusted gross income .

  • CHARITABLE DEDUCTIONS: Charitable deductions remains similar to previous years, except that the previous limit that charitable deductions can not exceed 100% of your income

  • MOVING EXPENSES: Moving expenses can only be deducted by members of the Armed Forces who are moving on order.

  • ALIMONY/SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Alimony payments made are no longer considered an adjustment to income, and alimony payments received are no longer considered income. This is applicable to divorce decrees finalized after December 31 2018.

  • COVID STIMULUS: If you received a stimulus payment, you must report the amount received. It is not taxable, but must be reported.

  • ADVANCED CHILD TAX CREDIT PAYMENTS: If you have children and received any of the monthly payments sent out by the IRS from July-December, these were advanced payments on your anticipated 2021 child tax credits. You need to know how much you received in total, as this amount will be subtracted from your 2021 child tax credit calculation.

  • UNEMPLOYMENT: If you received unemployment, make sure you bring your 1099-G form. Unemployment IS taxable.

  • CARES ACT WITHDRAWAL: If you withdrew money from a retirement account pursuant to the CARES Act, be sure to bring your 1099-R form associated with this withdrawal. Decisions can be made at the time of preparation as to whether it will better to report the amount in one year or spread over three years.

  • VIRTUAL CURRENCY ACCOUNTS: If you own any crypto currency, bit coin or other virtual currency accounts, any purchases or sales must be reported.
Other Tax Topics:
Mileage Rates:
            Business         56 cents per mile
            Charitable       14 cents per mile
              Medical           16 cents per mile

EDUCATION CREDITS: As with many other tax issues, the proliferation of fraud with the education credits has caused the IRS to crack a down a bit. Therefore, in order to claim college credits, you must have the 1098T form issued by the school.


REMINDER ON PARTNERSHIP DEADLINE: If you file a partnership business return form 1065, the due date has been changed from April 15th to March 15th. Regular corporate returns Form 1120 have been pushed back from March 15th to April 15th. S-Corp returns 1120S are due March 15th.